The Theatres of Yoshkar-Ola

The Republican Puppet Theatre

The official date of the Republican Puppet Theatre’s opening is considered May 1942. Although the Theatre began working a little earlier as a creative team. G. Kryzhitsky, chief director of the Drama Theater, was at the origin of the puppet troupe. Originally the Theater actors played short puppet plays during intermissions. Many enthusiastic actors were so much engaged with the new business so gradually they learned the art of puppetry and began to create performances for children. For many years the Theater team didn’t have its own building. The troupe traveled to regions of the Mari El Republic performing in kindergartens, schools and rural clubs. Today the Puppet Theater is a modern theater building where good performances for children and adults are played. The repertoire has huge amount of performances based on children’s classics. The construction of a new building for the Republican Puppet Theatre began in 2010. The total area of the new Theater – 10,000 sq. meters. The Theater provides space for puppet manufacture workshops.

The Youth Theater of Mari El

The Youth Theater of Mari El was established in 1991. Today the repertoire of the Theatre includes about 35 performances for adults, children and youth in the Mari and in the Russian language as well. The Theatre repertoire is based on the works of the national drama classics – Sergei Nikolayev, Mayorov-Shketan; the Russian classics – Anton Chekhov, Alexander Ostrovsky, Alexei Tolstoy, Maxim Gorkiy. From the first days the Theatre cooperates with playwrights of modern Russian literature – A.Arbuzov, N.Kolyada, S.Lobozerov, L. Petrushevskaya and others. The modern Mari drama is presented with the Mari plays by M.Rybakov, V.Abukaev-Emgak, Z.Dolgova, V.Domrachev, G.Gordeev, K.Korshunov, A. Petrov, V.Sapaev, I.Fadeev. The foreign drama – the works by M.Orr, R.Denem, S.Tsanev, Eduardo De Filippo.

Ola EC

Eric Sapayev Mari State Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Theatre was established in 1968. The Theatre repertoire consists of more than 50 works of opera, ballet and operetta classics, performances for children. From its first years the Theater works fruitfully with Mari composers. Currently, the two national operas are included to the repertoire – “Akpatyr” by Eric Sapayev and “Aldiar” by Elina Arkhipova and a ballet “The Forest Legend”, music by Anatoly Luppov. Every year the Theatre holds huge festivals that became significant events in the cultural life of the region. They are the opera and ballet festival “The Winter Nights” and the ballet art festival in honor of Galina Ulanova. The festival participants are soloists of the Mari State Opera and Ballet Theatre, the leading singers of the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Kremlin Ballet group, Russian and foreign cities ballet dancers.

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