Online Surveys Cash Funnel – Divert the $$ Flow Into Your Bank Account

If you are looking for a way to do online surveys for cash or wanting to increase your online surveys business income, the Online Surveys Cash Funnel will help you to maximize your income.

For the beginning start up steps, the article “Fill Out Surveys – How to Fill Out Online Surveys For Cash – 5 Simple Steps” (ref.1) will provide the basics for start up. The steps outlined in that article provide you with a minimum of 100 survey providers as well as the tools for signing up those 100 survey providers the easiest. clickfunnels coupon This is the initial step for your Online Surveys Cash Funnel set up.

The key to this number of 100 minimum to start is that this is the width of your beginning “Online Surveys Cash Funnel.” Another important note about this funnel is that you should make sure that these first 100 are actual paying survey providers. Although there are some free survey provider lists that are available that do a good job of identifying these, you will want to make sure that the survey providers that you spend significant time signing up with are legitimate and high quality paying companies. If you Google “paid surveys” you will find a return of close to 8 million results. That is a lot of companies to try to go through on your own and many of the free list providers are simply giving you a list of the ones they have used themselves. But to have a database that thoroughly scans all available survey providers and pre-qualifies each as a “paid” survey provider involves a great deal of work. Since it is rare to get that kind of quality work for nothing, we must expect the adage “You get what you pay for” to apply here also. By paying a one time fee, usually under $50, you can become a member of a database which constantly updates and tests each provider for quality and profitability – keeping the good ones and deleting the others. This will make your beginning Online Surveys Cash Funnel efficient and profitable. Naturally, even some of these survey providers in a paid database will be better than others and you will be able to easily sort these out later but biting the bullet and spending a little business start up money will get you profitable quicker and let’s face it, doing online surveys for cash is one of the cheapest online business start ups there are!

Initially, you will begin to receive 1 or 2 surveys a month from each of these survey providers. This is normal for new accounts and will increase as you provide quality survey data and the survey offers you receive will also have higher pay outs. Actively complete as many surveys as are offered to you in the beginning as you can so that you can assess the value of each survey provider to your business as they begin to send you better survey offers. Later you can get more selective after you have established yourself.

After a few months, your income will be doing fairly well for a start up company. That is when you want to adjust the Online Surveys Cash Funnel to start increasing your profits. You will be able to assess the profitability of the 100 you started off with and start replacing the ones that are not quite as good as the others. Start signing up with several more survey providers and increase the size of your funnel to about 200. Remember, the survey offers that you get in your email accounts will usually explain the pay out for completion of the survey, review, product test, or focus group. You do not have to do each and every one but picking the best and most profitable during your testing will help you identify the ones you will keep. You can use this method to also preference the type of survey offers you like to do.

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