Getting Nocturia Treatment

Nocturia is the name for the condition where you frequently need to urinate at night. Nocturia treatment will depend mainly on what the underlying cause of this problem is.

As men get older they are at an increased risk of developing an enlarged prostate and this can be something that causes nocturia. Normally a man’s prostate is quite small – about the size of a visit- walnut, and it is located right next door to the urethra. If this gland grows in size it will place pressure on the urethra which can cause, amongst other things, nocturia.

Other problems it can also cause include urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence. It is also possible to suffer from an enlarged prostate and experience no symptoms at all, or to suffer nocturia while having no enlargement of your prostate.

The prostate is made up of two types of cells, rigid and spongy. It is generally the rigid cells that cause the nocturia as opposed to the size of the prostate alone. These cells don’t respond well to drugs which often makes surgery the nocturia treatment of choice in this situation.

Another factor that plays a role in the development of nocturia is the elasticity of the bladder. The less elastic it is the more likely you are to experience problems with nocturia.

Also, if a man has an elevated level of prostate specific protein (PSA), this can be an indicator of the presence of a cancer which can also be a factor that contributes to nocturia.

If nocturia is starting to become a regular problem then it is a good idea to keep a record of your fluid intake. Try to avoid fluids in the two hours before you go to bed and avoid diuretics like alcohol or caffeine later in the day.

If you are on medication which has a diuretic effect, take it earlier in the day if possible.

If your nocturia is becoming an increasing concern and you have a feeling your prostate may be at the heart of the problem then it is always recommended that you book yourself in for an appointment with your doctor. They will be in the best position to identify the cause of your problem and prescribe you with the appropriate nocturia treatment.

You can also make use of incontinence products while you sleep to ensure that if a leakage happens to occur you won’t be doing and damage to your bedding

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