Dragon Art Tattoos

Tattoos started getting popular from the sailors that would get tattoos representing the foreign lands they had been stationed in. Wearing a dragon tattoo meant that the sailor had served in Japan or China. Sailors today are still getting tattoos and wear them proudly.

One reason the dragon tattoo is so popular is because it’s long winding shape can go on practically any part of the body. You can cover your whole back with this tattoo or have it snaking and winding around your arm.

There are many different types of mau hinh xam phuong hoang lua dep kin lung tay cho nam dragons that can be used. The Japanese have always used dragons in their art and literature so there are many designs to choose from. The most popular is the full back dragon tattoo where you have plenty of room to make it truly spectacular. The Asian dragons are usually viewed as powerful and empowered with wisdom, making these dragons very popular.

The Celtic design tattoos are also very popular with their intricate knots. The Celtic heart is often chosen for it’s beauty and design.

On a man the dragon tattoos represent power, strength, and warrior skills. It can define his personality. Although you can also have a mystical, magical dragon design that makes the man more approachable.

On a woman the dragon tattoo usually represents strength and a hotly passionate nature, ready to protect her family against all dangers. Some women would be intimated by wearing a dragon tattoo and would worry about what people would think. The dragon tattoo on a woman shows she is not afraid of criticism and can stand up for herself and for those in her care.

If you want to create an aura of strength and fantasy, get a dragon art tattoo. Some people fear them and are nervous of the superstitions surrounding them, but they have to respect them.

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