Afraid Your Youth Will Get Seriously Injured Playing Football?

Who hasn’t heard of some kid getting brain damage or a spinal injury or broken bones while playing in a youth football league. You may have even heard a story on the news or read about it somewhere or somebodies mothers’, uncles’, cousin was injured and the story has been told over and over. It almost makes it seem as though these injuries happen all the time!

The truth is, youth football injuries are not as common as you would think. At least…the bad kind. Sure enough, the kids are going to get banged up a bit. It is youth football after all, but the injuries are much more likely to be a bruise or a scratch than a life altering injury.


Generally speaking, the older the kids get, the chance of injury increases. Not because of the youths age but because of the level of the youth football is more intense with the older aged kids. For example, kids involved in youth football in 8th grade are 4 times more likely to be injured than kids in 4th grade. This is due to increased body size and over all strength. The aggressiveness of the players goes up quite a bit in the older youth also. But even with that, the numbers of injuries are still low and the sport should be considered safe.

Youth football has been given a bad rap while soccer is considered safe. The funny thing is, soccer is the number one injury causing sport of all the youth sports but for some reason, it is just not thought of that way. The bottom line is, your child is no more likely to be injured playing football than he/she is in regular everyday recreation. With proper coaching, that teaches proper technique and the proper equipment, youth football is very safe.

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