8 Cost Saving Strategies for Life Science Companies to Consider When Designing New Space


  • Choose cost effective building systems. Due to the high monthly expense to operate a lab it is critical to consider both the initial outlay for the system as well as the ongoing charge for utilities when making your selection. Installing a less expensive system with larger annual utility costs may not be the best choice.


  • Select the right architect. Focus on your budget as well as needs when making your selection. The size and responsiveness of the firm you select will have significant impact on the timing and ease of the design and construction process.


  • Design for the future when planning for your growth. Be as realistic as possible when considering your company’s timeline for growth. Taking on expansion space too soon will incur additional overhead. Control contiguous expansion space by either negotiating options or paying a percentage of rent to reserve expansion space so it is available when you need it.


  • Consider future costs when leasing existing space. Existing lab build outs may be cheaper to lease but can also be at the end of their useful life. All building systems should be thoroughly inspected prior to occupancy. It is also important to budget for any possible future repairs.


  • Do not convert office space as it compromises air quality. General office HVAC systems have not been designed with laboratory use in mind and will be compromised by adding fume hoods. It is important to be sure that the equipment supporting your laboratory has been designed specifically for laboratory use and has not been converted from previous uses to save on costs.


  • A backup generator is critical to prevent loss of science. A power failure can destroy many months of hard work developing a cell or molecule. A generator can be sized for the minimum necessary to operate critical equipment.


  • Lab build outs are very specialized. Due to the high expense of building a lab and the anticipated long term use it Look alike modeling is important to have experienced vendors and specific materials to withstand both spillage and heavy continuous operation of building systems. Verify contractors are qualified and have experience working on life science facilities. Even though it is more costly you should use proper materials for construction of a lab.


  • Most importantly, select a team of experts to avoid costly mistakes. Scientists will be well served with a team of advisors to aid in efficient use of their investor’s dollars.


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