2006 Mid-Season NBA Breakdown of the Toronto Raptors

What has changed? Toronto rewarded Jalen Rose’s game-winner versus the Kings with a trade to the 918kiss New York Knicks. In return they received Antonio Davis to help out Chris Bosh with the frontcourt. While Davis hasn’t made the biggest impact just yet, good things to appear to be on the horizon.

Chris Bosh’s 22.5 points and 9.2 rebounds were rewarded with a much-deserved All-Star spot. Mike James, Charlie Villanueva and Morris Peterson are continuing their solid years as well.

The Raptors have a fluid, effective offense that scores 100.1 points per night. Toronto is also in the top 10 in FG%, 3P%, FT%, and turnovers. Villanueva and Bonner add scoring off the bench and Calderon does an effective job at running the offense.

Toronto has much to be desired on the defensive end however. The Raptors are dead last in rebounds, 26th in steals, 29th in blocks, and allow 102.4 a contest. Bosh and Davis aren’t as bad as Joey Craham, who will forever be remembered for giving up 81 to Kobe Bryant.

Toronto, like the Orlando Magic, will gauge their success on the future rather than the present. After starting 1-15 they looked like fools for abdoning Vince Carter. Since that point they’re 20-19. The have a very tough schedule in these last games, and it isn’t likely they’ll make a big run. But the least we can expect from them is they’ll play their best against whomever they face.


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